The Game

Bomsy is a fast, aim-based, multiplayer arena brawler with destructible maps. Take out your opponents by launching bombs in their direction, breaking the ground from under them, or pushing them off the edge! Go after your enemies right off the bat or dig around and hoard upgrades before you decide to engage. The map is your playground; swing off blocks, blast jump to high ground, or quickly roll to safety. With so many ways to move through the environment, Bomsy provides a smooth, responsive, and rewarding gameplay experience. Round up your friends and start playing in the bright and colourful world of Bomsy!


  • 7 different maps, each with unique level mechanics!
  • 70+ block layouts!
  • Lots of items and per-round upgrades!
  • 6 player local multiplayer!
  • 6 player online multiplayer!*
  • Play against bots!
  • Play Online! Create rooms just for you and your friends or join public rooms!
  • Tons of skins to unlock!
  • Two different game modes: Classic Last Player Standing and Drop Only
  • Customize your matches! Control item spawn rates, round time, rounds to win, comeback, etc.
*Online Bomsy allows players to host games on their own connection. Only players using symmetrical routers will be able to connect online, which is about 90% of users. On top of that, about 100 users not using symmetrical routers will be relayed automatically (meaning they can play without issue). We are a four person group of indie developers, so if/when there is demand, we many consider hosting dedicated servers for Bomsy.

Coming Soon to PC, Mac and Linux

Bomsy is close to release! Follow us on twitter for updates about when the game comes out!